Stop The Slave Narrative

No more "all my life I had to fight." There are other stories to tell. I don't ever remember having fantasies about being a princess as a child. Maybe my parents could give a better testimony of my likes, but based on what I remember, I was more into being a Powerpuff Girl or a … Continue reading Stop The Slave Narrative

How “When” Became “If”

Please stop asking me about my love life. It hasn't changed. I know I've been more active on this blog in the last few days than I have been in the past month, but as school gets closer, my thoughts tend to run a little wild. Lately, I've had this habit of psychoanalyzing myself just … Continue reading How “When” Became “If”

If your form of feminism isn't inclusive of ALL women (Women of color, disabled women, transgender women, women of various faiths, women who don't follow the rules of femininity, women who DO follow the rules of femininity, etc.), then it isn't truly feminism.

What If?

"I'll have all of my goals accomplished in x amount of years," you say, as Depression gives a hearty chuckle at your expense. If I were to ask a 13-year-old version of myself what she¬†thought I'd be like in 8 years, I already know exactly what she'd say, "She'll be skinny, with expensive clothes, a … Continue reading What If?