If your form of feminism isn’t inclusive of ALL women (Women of color, disabled women, transgender women, women of various faiths, women who don’t follow the rules of femininity, women who DO follow the rules of femininity, etc.), then it isn’t truly feminism.

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  1. Citizen of the World says:

    Correct! In fact, if your form of feminism is not inclusive of men too, then it is not truly feminism either. Feminism is not an advocacy and movement for women by women, but a strong ideology that involves equality sought by anyone who believes in gender equality. A true feminist understands that patriarchy is not only detrimental towards women, but also towards men. I am pleased to see how every day more and more women and men identify with feminism – despite the crippling stigma.

      • Citizen of the World says:

        Perfect! When people say that the word FEMINISM is gender-biased by itself, what they don’t seem to understand is that there is a reason why the word “woman” is its root. The same reason why there is a “Women’s Day” and not a “Men’s Day”, a “Children’s Day” and not a “Adult’s Day”, a “Freedom Day” and not a “Slavery Day”, a “Peace Day” and not a “War Day”… The focus is privilege! We do not celebrate those that are in privileged positions, but we are reminded of those UNPRIVILEDGED groups.

        This reminds me of the conversation I had today about the entire #AllLivesMatter VS. #BlackLivesMatter controversy. Just because it states “Save the Rainforest” or “Save the Whales” because it is pointing out a specific issue that requires immediate attention, does not mean that other forests or aquatic marine mammals are being disregarded, or that they are less important! So why is it even a controversy? Oh yeah, media – of course. Why is Feminism stigmatized? Oh yeah, patriarchy. Duh.

  2. Making Mrs. Miller says:

    Sometimes it seems that the people who scream loudest for “equality” and acceptance are the ones who are the least tolerant of views that differ from theirs. they want to be accepted but they don’t want to have to accept any belief system that doesn’t align with their own. It is very hypocritical and it isn’t limited to feminist but is a phenomenon that often occurs in religious fanatic groups and the LGBT communities as well. It only takes 1 person out of the bunch to act a fool and give a bad name to the rest of the group, unfortunately.

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