The Introvert

“I’m lovely and lonely. I belong deeply to myself.” –Warsan Shire


When I was a kid, I had this strong belief that I was a cruel princess in a past life. It was a fleeting thought that crossed my mind whenever I had a moment of introspection, and I tried to make sense of the things I learned as I grew older.

“Of course this would happen,” I’d say, “this is the universe trying to teach me something. I must have been a huge bitch in my past life, then.”

And maybe I was.


I graduated from college in May 2017, after 20 years of learning. The main question everyone asked was, “What do you plan on doing with your degree?”

Shit if I know.

Now that I’m technically a grown-up and no longer a student, I’m trying to figure out what the universe wants from me. What can I contribute? Who am I supposed to be?

I’ve suddenly discovered a world filled with beautiful things and people, and the thought of navigating it all is head-spinning.

I’m a twenty-something year old New Yorker, with an English degree, and a bunch of jumbled words pushing eagerly at my fingertips.



6 thoughts on “The Introvert

  1. cestlavieladypatience says:

    How cool. I almost never meet a fellow English major. I’m also working towards my Bachelors Degree. Specifically Creative Writing. Two and a half years ago I worked through my depression. It was the most painful thing I’ve gone through thus far. I’m happy to say I’m free of depression, and it’s all without the use of drugs. I hope you reach your Bachelors in record time.

  2. sabrinawolfheart says:

    Hi Naja-Michelle,
    I love your blog and how it deals with some of the more “shooed away” issues, like culture, ethnicity, race, body size, and body image in a very realistic, non-romanticized way.
    You are a beautiful human being. Keep smiling! 😀
    – Sabrina

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