A Definitive Ranking of One Direction Albums According To Me

Absolutely no one asked for this, but I made it anyway because it's a quarantine and I felt like it.  (source) #5: MITAM- It came out at the same time as Purpose and it was after Zayn left so it gets last because I got bored listening to it, and I think I was still … Continue reading A Definitive Ranking of One Direction Albums According To Me

Turning from Christ

Moving from anger, to forgiveness, to growth. When I was a child, I once asked my mom, "If God is Jesus' father, who was God's father?" My mom simply looked at her curious, inquisitive child and told me to ask my devoutly Catholic grandma, who would probably know the answer. When I was older, I … Continue reading Turning from Christ


In the moments when She Looked to the brilliant violet sky Searching to find replacements For the stars snatched from her eyes And Crushed in the center of a powerful Palm She; Consistently hardening In a world that denies her softness Accusations of submissiveness Torn between Aggression and Servitude She; Earning space Both invisible and Not invisble enough. … Continue reading She

If your form of feminism isn't inclusive of ALL women (Women of color, disabled women, transgender women, women of various faiths, women who don't follow the rules of femininity, women who DO follow the rules of femininity, etc.), then it isn't truly feminism.