Love Hangover: A Post V-Day Reflective

As a teenager in high school, I was deeply insecure. Of course, if anyone's read past blog posts, this isn't new information. But seventeen year old Naja had been going through it, all year long. I was the walking dead, and I hid that fact well from my friends. Enter February 14th, 2011. From the … Continue reading Love Hangover: A Post V-Day Reflective

Online Dating While Bi & Black

"Hello my little Mocha Chocalata ya ya. Are you into guys or girls more?"  If you're like me, or millions of other people in the 21st century, you've tried your hand at online dating. While I'm sure that it's worked for plenty of people (and I know, by observation, that it has), I have a bit … Continue reading Online Dating While Bi & Black