Online Dating While Bi & Black

"Hello my little Mocha Chocalata ya ya. Are you into guys or girls more?"  If you're like me, or millions of other people in the 21st century, you've tried your hand at online dating. While I'm sure that it's worked for plenty of people (and I know, by observation, that it has), I have a bit … Continue reading Online Dating While Bi & Black

Dear Doubter of My Desired Degree

Dear Doubter of My Desired Degree, You aren't the first to tell me that there is no place in the world for English majors. During my Freshman year of college, I spoke to my then-history professor about my ideal career and college goals. Upon learning that I wanted to declare a major in English, the … Continue reading Dear Doubter of My Desired Degree


In the moments when She Looked to the brilliant violet sky Searching to find replacements For the stars snatched from her eyes And Crushed in the center of a powerful Palm She; Consistently hardening In a world that denies her softness Accusations of submissiveness Torn between Aggression and Servitude She; Earning space Both invisible and Not invisble enough. … Continue reading She

What If?

"I'll have all of my goals accomplished in x amount of years," you say, as Depression gives a hearty chuckle at your expense. If I were to ask a 13-year-old version of myself what she thought I'd be like in 8 years, I already know exactly what she'd say, "She'll be skinny, with expensive clothes, a … Continue reading What If?